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Project Description

In 2008 Relatech acquired Ithea S.r.l., today responsible for the Research and Development activities.

Ithea S.r.l. was founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the University of Calabria with the mission to apply the results of scientific research to the technological innovation and the management of data for commercial purposes, through consulting services provision and the development of innovative products

Today Ithea is based in Rende (Cosenza) and Naples and is specialized in Digital Customer Analytics and Engagement, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Mobile, Social and Commerce.

Research & Development Project


Traceability system of fresh milk
Guarantees the traceability of fresh milk in compliance with the production criteria of the cold chain.SISTABENESISTABENE memorizes the nutritional values ​​of the product guaranteeing its quality to the consumer.(POR CALABRIA FESR-ESE 2014-2020)


Innovative E-Commerce platform
Innovative e-commerce platform based on social CRM and recommendation systems to improve Customer engagement and satisfaction. (Bando MISE Horizon 2020- PON 2014-2020).


Sistema di reasoning e tutoring su grandi moli di dati
Piattaforma Open Data che raccoglie e analizza grandi quantità di dati di interesse sociale ed economico di uno specifico territorio (salute, benessere e qualità della vita del cittadino), consultabili con applicazioni interattive. (POR Calabria FERS 2007-2013)


Agile platform for the E-business
It is based on the principles of Model Driven Development, Web-based architecture, XML Standard E-BIZ, Openbravo ERP and Magento E-commerce. It includes specific modules: Product Configurator, Mass customization, Retail Innovation, Supply Chain and Interoperability.


Proprietary, innovative and completely customizable platform for the digital transformation process.


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