RELATECH was founded by A. Regonini and P. Lambardi in 2001, both ICT professionals with expertise in software and technology innovation.

They gathered a group of professionals that gives lifes to a light and dynamic structure specialized in software development, system integration and web technologies.

During the firsr years RELATECH concentrated his efforts on the outsourcing offering to new media and infotainment startups. This allowed the company to gather the competencies, the structure and the tools needed to go to the market being able to be seen as a qualified partner for the main System Integrators working in the Italian market, giving life to the Professional Services business unit.

After the first three years RELATECH enforced his offering to the SME sector through strategic partnershis and building an internal team to work on ERPs both commercial and open source, even specializing in some vertical sectors.

In 2007 the big breakthrough: RELATECH bought the Fashion & Luxury business unit from Datasystem Group, giving life to a new interna business unit on vertical SaaS slutions, even through international partnerhips that allowed the company to develop the marked in USA, France and China.

These duality, being a product and services company, is it live even today, with the objective to be able to give to our customers innovative solutions that suits their needs.

*SaaS = Software as a Service