ITHEA is a software company founded in 2008 as a spin off company from University of Calabria, with the aim of implementing research results in commercial software solutions, as well as providing business experiences to researchers that want to map experiences in business solutions.

For instance, database research experiences as well as bioinformatics and biomedical solutions find applications and commercial results in ITHEA. Thanks to international relations (in Europe and USA) ICT solutions (such as ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C, ECM and BPM) can be furnished to international market.

From 2010 ITHEA is a part of a Italian software company, RELATECH, located in Milan, which works in information technology from over ten years.

Polynices+ is an e-business platform for “made in Italy” companies in the retail and manufacturing sector.

It includes specific modules like the “Product Configurator” (data sheet with advanced industry-specific variants), “Mass customization” (B2C Advanced, “tailored”, committed to the order line), “Retail Innovation” (big data, data mining and business intelligence), “Supply Chain” (integration with suppliers and reduce costs of production) and “Interoperability” (ease of integration with third-party systems).

Polynices+ is based on the Model Driven Development architecture principles, Web-based, XML Standard E-BIZ, Openbravo ERP and E-commerce Magento.

Sinse+ is a OpenData platform where the data is analyzed with indicators of social and economic interest of the territory, with particular reference to health and wellness. The platform provides a set of indicators that provide spatial data and the sector in open format, available with interactive applications with reference to well-being, quality of life and health of citizens.
VOTE (Vocal Tract Analysys) is a mobile application for voice control.

It is a simple app to measure changes in voice and voice quality on a mobile device and allows efficient monitoring and analysis thanks to the scalability and automation of the process of recognition only.

The target market consists of hospitals, clinics and laboratories, as well as experts in dental and speech therapists interested in monitoring the health of their patients. This solution is based on the research results.