Relatech position itself on the market as the ICT partner for both SME and big companies, in the following fields:

Software Development Outsourcing

Business Consulting

We adapt our software solutions and projects to our customer real needs after detailed and comprehensive analysis, though an engineering process that make use of the righ methodology and technology.

A deep knowledge of the main platform used today, both open source and commercial, allow us to select the right instruments for our cusomtes requisites, and to choose togheter the best strategy between the “make” and “buy” roots, guaranteeing in any case the delivery and personalization, even verticalization, of the choosen system.

Relatech Professional Consulting services, tought mainly for corporations and system integrator, provide the best conpetences on the market though a cointinuos selection of professianal and qualified employees and though constant internal training. Thanks to that we can provide to our customers highly qualified project team, that can integrate themselves in the customer existing teams and able to take fully advantage of the technologies.