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Project Description

Dialog Sistemi Srl, provides management control solution and it is specialized in the design of “business monitoring and governance” systems.

Dialog, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Milan and joined the Relatech Group in 2021, establishes itself as a company that offers solutions in the Business Performance Management and Data Warehousing sectors also through its proprietary platform. The company has acquired a long experience in the industrial and distribution sector, thanks to technological partnership with the most important companies in the IT market and a strong network, able to support the development and the diffusion of the software solutions.

The business control solutions are based on Suite E3 (Explorer Enterprise Edition), the business performance management platform developed internally, which is equipped with all specific functionalities to design and customize the business solution and allows a centralized management of security, administration, development and production.


Cloud based, innovative and completely customizable platform for the digital transformation process of your business

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