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Project Description

EFA Automazione SpA, founded in 1986 and joined the Relatech Group in February 2022, is a company that has been operating in the Industrial Automation sector for over 35 years, developing specific skills in communication and connectivity of machines and systems. The deep knowledge of communication protocols and drivers, in addition to the natural management of process data in the world of OT (Operational Technology), makes it a natural interlocutor of the IT (Information Technology) world which, thanks to the technologies offered, is in able to access process data in a simple and safe way.

The company operates as a technology carrier in the world of industrial automation through products, solutions and services aimed at exchanging data between the two IT / OT worlds, an essential element for the realization of projects or models of digital transformation.

EFA Automazione SpA proposes itself as a technological partner for different types of interlocutors, System Integrators, end users and machine and plant manufacturers.


Cloud based, innovative and completely customizable platform for the digital transformation process of your business

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