Project Description

A.I. Analytics & Industry 4.0 Solution

The Relatech solution for the Industry 4.0 world designed for the acquisition and processing of large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources such as devices, sensors, PLC / SCADA of production plants and integration with business system information such as ERP, MES and CRM, to enable Business digital transformation.


  • Optimization and innovation of Production Processes
  • Reduction of maintenance and costs
  • Increase of productivity
  • Time to market improvement

Thanks to:

  • Development of customizations based on customer processes
  • Interfacing with standard automation devices (PLC, sensors)
  • Use of innovative HMIs (AR / VR, cobots)
  • Acquisition and processing of large amounts of data

• Realtime Monitoring & AI Predictive Analytics
• Integration with external systems
• Data security and non-repudiation (Blockchain)
• Availability in Cloud or On-Premises


Cloud based, innovative and completely customizable platform for the digital transformation process of your business

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