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Company Statute

Relatech Company Statute


Procedure for related party transactions

Procedure of Internal Dealing

Procedure of Insider Register

Procedure of Privileged Information Management

Corporate Presentation

Relatech Investor Presentation – European MidCap Event 2020 19-20 October 2020

Relatech Investor Presentation – AIM Investor Day – Ir Top Consulting 02, October 2020

Relatech Investor Presentation – German Spring Conference – 1-2, July 2020

Relatech S.p.A. – Smartech & Industrial AIM – Ir Top Consulting 06/23/2020 

Relatech webcast “Make or Buy? AIM a Technological Leader. The 3M Stratefy a Relatech’s innovative approach – 06/16/2020

Relatech webcast – investor call “What’s gonna happen on your D.E.S.C.?” – 04/29/2020

Relatech Investor Presentation –  Virtual AIM Italia Conference  – Borsa Italiana  05/25/2020

Relatech corporate presentation 4/14/2020

Relatech presentation – Lugano IR Top Investor Day 09/27/2019


05/07/2020 – Ordinary Assembly

05/07/2020 – Ordinary Assembly Minutes

18/04/2020 Gazzetta Ufficiale – Convocation of ordinary Shareholder’s Assembly

Board of Directors illustrative report of Assembly 

Delegation ex art. 135-novies TUF

Delegation ex art. 135-undecies TUF

02/14/2020 – Ordinary and extraordinary Assembly

02/14/2020 Extraordinary Assembly Minutes

02/14/2020 Ordinary Assembly Minutes

02/14/2020 Assembly – Board of Directors Illustrative Report on the items on the agenda

Delegation model of Shareholder’s Assembly

Convocation of Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholder’s Assembly

Board of Auditors Report

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