Digital Customer Experience

By Digital Marketing automation activities engage customers in store, through web, mobile and social to enrich and maximize their engagement and shopping experience.

Big Data Analytics

We offer data-driven services to enable the analysis, elaboration and memorization of large amount heterogeneous and distributed data.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create machine learning and deep learning solutions to optimize customers business process.

Internet of Things

Through wi-fi sensors, bluetooth, video cameras and tag, we collect and analyze users data to understand and forecast their customer behavior (Proximity Marketing) and to optimize industrial machine data process. (Industry 4.0).

Blockchain and Cyber Security

We guarantee the decentralization, transparency, security and immutability of large amounts of data through blockchain and cyber security technologies.

Hybrid Cloud

We are highly qualified and certified in solution development and maintenance on open and private cloud technologies to enrich customers performances.


The Digital Cloud platform, innovative and completely customizable for the digital transformation process of your business

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