RePlatform: the perfect digital platform for your business

Framework, Methodology and Skills to support the digital transformation of the business

Relatech bases its business strategy on the digital platform Replatform, which is at the same time the core element of the commercial proposition and the container of skills, experiences and innovative proposals developed by the company.

RePlatform is a Cloud Based platform composed of different technological frameworks developed and integrated internally by Relatech starting from Open Source technologies and products of our partners. RePlatform, constantly fed by research and development projects carried out also in partnership with university centers, consists of four main modules: ReYou (mobile, e-commerce, cloud, proximity marketing), ReData (Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning), ReSec (Threat intelligence security, Blockchain, GDPR) and ReThing (IoT, Industry 4.0). It can be released on any type of cloud (public, private or hybrid) of the main market operators.

Vertical Solution

Starting from the consolidated skills and innovations resulting from R&D activities, Relatech realizes projects and vertical solutions based on RePlatform aimed to specific market sectors, applicative areas and customer needs, ensuring reliable results and return on investment in a short time .

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